Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Real Post

What to post for my first real post?? I've been trying to conjure something fantastic all day to relate to you all, but obviously the last of my creative spark was burned out on perfecting the aesthetics of my new bloggity blog blog. I'm sitting here, listening to the soundtrack of my all time favorite film, The Village.

It's the theme from when the protagonist, Ivy, is venturing through the woods by herself. I suppose this song fits well into my life at the moment, as I'm about to graduate college and be cast off like a lure into the huge, rushing sea of the 'real world' that I've heard so much about but have never experienced.

In the corner of my dimly lit room, my beloved weasel, Archer, is covering his eyes with his paws. My late night literary endeavors are apparently robbing him of what would probably be a delightful dream about rolling in trash and trying to eat bleach.

"THIS BLOG," I've mutter at him, like any misunderstood artist, "is going to be important."

However, I can't his attention like a cockroach could and thus he disdainfully looks away.

He just doesn't get it ;)

You see, my whole life is at a cross roads. Between the travels in Europe I must make this summer, and the hopping between seven homes I shall do upon leaving Charleston, I've got a lot of places to see.

There are be interviews to get to in New York, Philidelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

There are galleries and companies seeking my creative works. There's a graphic novel that has to be completed and published and sent off, and a fashion line that has to be managed.

There are people to help, and others to inspire. There is ambition to propel me and destiny to guide me.

And this Blog is going to be there with me through all of that.

You'll see the transformations here, the events along the way, the good and the bad. Some days I'll post random things like a new shampoo you have to try, and others I'll post interviews with amazing people I know and will meet. You'll here about the adventures and the misadventures, from duct taping four foot inflatable turkeys to cop-cars or leading a spelunking trip in a cave in Oklahoma. You'll see pictures from happy events, and lifetime events; the first of my friends' weddings, video from zip lining in Hawaii, and artwork from start to finish.

You'll have the chance to purchase art from an online gallery, or email me with a commission. You'll see the stressful and the exhilarating sides of living life as the creative extraordinaire. There will be days where I rant and cry about stupid 22 year old girl stuff, and days where I'm the typical, erudite old soul speaking in antiquated diction, puffing on a peach cigar. I'll post designs, comics when the mood strikes me, and clips of new compositions. And you'll be the first to know when I win an award, or pose as a zombie in a photoshoot.

You'll see me evolve from a recent grad to an established member of society, with an omniscient perspective into the ups and downs of my life, love, travel, and creativity.

There will be much to witness, my dear friends.

And so...let me conclude with this final statement:

There will be miracles here ♥

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