Thursday, April 7, 2011


What's up, kiddies? I spent a lot of time today organizing my portfolio. One of the most important things ANYONE in the creative field can do is make sure that it isn't difficult to readily explain who you are and what you do. That means having:
a readily available business card at all times.
a one liner that you can throw out in conversation so people understand and REMEMBER what you do.
the audacity to be a relentless self-promoter.
the mindset that not everyone is going to appreciate your unique perspective -- and you can't let it hinder your unique ambitions.
Christ. If you suck at art, don't become an artist. That should be common sense but it's not so I'm going to remind you: destiny will offer you clues toward what you're intended to accomplish in life AND it should make you insanely happy while you're inching closer to it. But once you figure out what it is that you want,
never stop moving. Yeah, I get it, you'll be worn out sometimes. Boo hoo. Drink a red bull, go to a hipster café where you'll feel like an idiot if you aren't toiling away, put your goals in gaudy red sharpie on your HAND so that if you reach for that remote your own SKIN is mad at you, too.

 Now I'm not telling you to burn yourself out, but if there's something you greatly desire in life, working nine to five at a job you detest isn't going to help you stay optimistic about your future...unless it's a temporary way to save up for said future. Temporary. TEMPORARY. I personally hate backup plans. If you have enough faith, you don't
need one. God isn't going to screw you over if you take a leap of faith, I can promise you that.

But enough about that stuff. If you want to read more about that stuff, I suggest you read 'The Secret' and  'Excuse me, Your life is waiting.'

I've been working toward goals for a long time, and, no, it isn't easy. I remember wheeling a suitcase behind me into class because I'd just arrived back to school from a representing my company for a few interviews and distributors at a conference. I remember sleeping in the back of an SUV with my best friend because we knew we had to save profits to invest and not splurge them on hotel rooms. We ended up accidentally stealing showers from a truck stop that weekend [not my FAULT: I didn't know it was 12 bucks to get an elusive key for a stall that didn't have a key in the first place].

This past year, I've been telling myself that I needed to focus on school and not international creative endeavors, even if they WERE landing me media attention [free advertising + audience] and amazing opportunities. But school's going to be OVER in a few weeks. Say it with me, now:

School is going to be OVER.

And thus my brain is tempted to sew seeds of panic. But I'm not going to let it; I replace said temptation to panic with a furious work-ethic.

Recently, I've designed new, up to date business cards. They're going to have a link to my portfolio on them because -- as I said before -- you need to make it easy for the Universe to guide you, and cover all YOUR bases in recognizing what you want before fate can step in.

I've also contacted a few potential clients, and I need to follow up with them.  I also need to get my new online portfolio up and running.  But here's how it's going. I'm going to LAY IT ALL OUT THERE lol, so that when I talk about these things you understand the backstory. Sooo.....

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